Security concerns and requirements for everyone attending Change your Mind Change the World on May 15, 2013

CMCW 2013 - April 15, 2013

Security concerns for guests; Exceptions will not be made

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In bringing together thought leaders from across the globe, Change your Mind, Change the World 2013 is your passport to a global experience – right in the heart of Madison. And much like an international flight, there are certain arrival time recommendations and security measures that we want to make sure you know about:

Arrive early: Please plan to arrive 2 hours early to allow enough time for 2,300 people to go through security, which will include metal detectors. If you are attending the morning session, please arrive by 7:30am.  If you are attending the afternoon session, please arrive by 12noon.

No Latecomers: Just as an airport gate closes prior to departure, doors to Overture Hall will close before the program begins. Latecomers will not be seated, due to the security level of this event. Travel light: Do not bring anything extra that you do not need.

NO backpacks or large bags will be permitted.

Items strictly prohibited include:

No weapons of any kind (knife, leatherman, firearm, club, mag lights, baton, mace/pepperspray, throwing stars, fireworks, needles, objects with a sharp edge/point, etc.)
No backpacks or large bags (including large purses)
No liquids
No water bottles/containers
No food
No electronic objects larger than wallet size (cell phones, iphones, etc, are acceptable)
No ipads, laptops, video cameras or audio recorders
No pets (except for service animals)
No aerosol cans
No glitters
No balloons or similar object
No ropes or whip-like objects
No laser pointers, laser pens, dazzlers
No external flash device items for cameras and banners, signs or posters